Monday, 23 August 2010

PostHeaderIcon ...And a voice that made me cry.... My oh my...

So, this is it. The end. It's been a long 2 years. Tonight, we lost another member of the guild.

I've been here for around 2 years, close to 3. 8 or so months ago, when i considered leaving, i said i'd give it another chance. It's difficult for me to give it another chance. Really difficult. It hurts just to even be in the guild while it's going under.

I don't know the future of the guild. I really don't. It's close to collapsing, the pressure is just too much. We've got more socials than raiders. Raiders can't raid as there's not enough of us, and any setup we get is sub-optimal.

If it does come to disbanding, i don't know what i'll do or where i'll go.


Jose said...
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Jose said...

I feel for you buddy, perhaps you should look into guilds that have been around for a while, they are doing SOMETHING right.

If the worst happens, just know that you gave it everything. People are bound to remember you!

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