Saturday, 28 August 2010

PostHeaderIcon Exploiters... gawd

Ah, AB weekend. Free XP for my priest. But wait a minute, many of my team are corrupt a-holes who don't know what "Fair" means.

There's the gate bug to start with, at least on Alliance side.

You know there's another exploit at LM that anyone can make use of? Discovered this the other day when finding a place to hide, but quickly realised it wasn't worth the account ban.
So, Stables, LM, gate bug.

If anything, they simply need to apply no-mans land debuff until the gates are open, just like EotS. Simply make inner corners blocks so that you can't glitch into them so easily.

Just now though, in this last AB, on my Alliance character, i've just seen this exact gate exploit happen. Of course, i mentioned that i'd report them (yes, call me all the names you want, it matters not), and of course, some other priest starts ranting on at me. The "conversation" that followed was amusing to say the least. You think i have a big ego? Check this;

Terenas retards, what to do with them.

I do have to say that i enjoy ending on a dateline-esque comment with regards to "You've been caught". The "speak when you're spoken to" seemed to be one of those stereotypical 4chan chav lines.

Still gonna report both of them. I'd normally let the priests comments past, but since they apparently approve of exploiting, it's FFA on reporting them. When i'm in game, i'm not all "HERE ARE THE RULES YOU MUST OBEY THEM ROAR", and i'm quite lenient if anything... but i will do my part in cracking down on those that deserve it, and anyone who approves of what the reported did or defends them clearly need reporting too. I'll even be as lenient as saying as long as they don't cap before the other team if they get out or interfere with either teams caps at the start, there's no issue.

I've just seen another get out in this match i'm in atm, and surprisingly, as soon as i said "get back here or you're being reported", they went and danced with the Horde side. Of course, i got people yelling at me for being "lol WoW police" and "Mr does everything by the book". In the end, if you're exploiting with intent to get a major advantage, you're getting reported, my team or not.

If anything, the issue needs to be fixed, plain and simple.


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