Friday, 13 August 2010

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You know what i love about expansion releases? The mere fact that while i'm still learning my class, so is everyone else. The difference is that i've got more of a grasp of my class than most other people, at least in BG's.

I was watching some of my videos from the start of WotLK, including some that were 20+ minutes long and thus never got published to Youtube, and i realised something. I was a lot more courageous with my class back then. I look back on one video and see me running with the flag in EotS, surrounded by 4 team mates, all heading to another base.

I see me BEFORE Divine Plea could be refreshed, in an arena setting with a feral druid partner.

I realise how much i enjoyed things back then. This is why i can't wait for Cataclysm.

There's beta maintenance soon. I'm REALLY hoping that at least 1 of my plans ends up in a beta invite. I'm disappointed i'm not able to test it out and report things to make it a better game. I know it's not a demo, i know there'll be bugs, but even if just to test out my different classes and understand them, and provide feedback on what feels clunky, or what doesn't make sense for the classes i have less experience with, then i'd be happy.

I've never had a chance to beta test anything. It's scarily disappointing actually. Meh, whatever.

Anyway, gonna be reinstalling Windows. For some reason, i'm losing space on this SSD and i don't know why (yes, system restore, hibernation and all that sorta stuff is disabled). Bai!


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