Sunday, 8 August 2010

PostHeaderIcon What is this? WHERE AM I?!

Don't fret, this is my new blog. I'm still the same person running it. However, i wanted to start fresh, for a few reasons;

A) The old one was far too negative. I looked over every post there a few nights ago, and facepalmed a lot.

B) Broken images. There were some images on HDImage (now defunct), which obviously weren't showing.

C) Cataclysm. The expansion isn't too far away, so a lot of the info there will be wrong soon.

It's now an archive.

Now, with that out of the way, let me share the future with you.

The Near Future
The near future is interesting. Firstly, i've got a new video coming up. Now, it's been a while since i did a video about Paladins, or about my Paladin to be specific. This new video is about Synthaxx, or Chronalis as they were once called. The main focus of the video is to show what i've achieved in Wrath.

Currently, the video is entitled "Lightforged Champion : Wrath". It shows different parts of my previous movies. Currently, this is "Battlemaster in Training", "Chronalis vs Velen", "Starcaller", and "Kingslayer".

It's gonna be rendered completely in After Effects, and makes heavy use of special effects. It's looking rather spectacular currently, and really, it's meant to be a really fancy video to finish off the expansion. I've got some fitting music for it, and i've worked the video around it, with all the action parts at the fast paced parts, and the calmer parts at the slower parts. However, the calmer parts are actually filmed in WMV, but it's made to look like it fits with the video in a sense.

Currently, i've got around 1 minute of film to add in order to finish it.

The Further Future
The further future is a little uncertain. It consists of several points.
- Being the GM of the guild
- New class mechanics, which will hopefully make me interested in the class a bit more
- The guild itself

I said i wouldn't make this blog so negative, but this needs to be put out there.
The first point, is that i was made GM of the guild, without really wanting such responsibility. I didn't mind being an officer and running the website and such. I never wanted GM though, not for a raiding guild.

I'm now feeling stuck being GM. This'll lead to point 3, but i'll talk about that below.

The 2nd point is about the class. I'm liking how the mechanics are shaping up, mostly anyway. I'm liking how i'll be able to play to my ability and strengths more, without dodgy mechanics, such as our mana regen in PVP.

The 3rd point is rather... well..... difficult to talk about. See, since January, we've slowly lost people, either to going social, or to other guilds. I don't hate socials, i just hate we've lost so many people to it. If they came back from social to find the guild had folded, i know they'd assume it wasn't their fault at all in any aspect. It's purely because we've now got like 7 very good players, all social.

As time has gone on, we've been left with barely enough to get raids together. We've got 1 boss left from the Wrath set (LK Heroic), and we're struggling to even get 10-mans for ICC together. You can see we're not a terrible guild, but you can also see we're lacking numbers badly. Often, we're running raids without even replenishment.

This has left me feeling really drained.

I came to a decision a few nights ago; If we get to 2 weeks before 4.0 release and things weren't better, i'd be looking for a new guild. I'm not sure if i'll go through with this yet. See, we've got a few new recruits applying, and hopefully, they'll be joining us very soon.

The problem has always been that i raided for others, purely because i was a tank, and reliable too. I've grown close to the guild. I've made friends. When things started going downhill, i considered abandoning ship, but stuck with it. Now, i'm here, in this same situation many months/years later. I can't raid for others much longer, i just can't. I want to raid for myself again. I can't go social, or the guild will die... of that i'm sure. But i can't put up with feeling pressured any longer.

If things look better for Cataclysm, i'll stay, but if not, i'm out. I've given it more than enough chances and tried to help it recover... but it's never worked completely. I need to raid for myself though. I'm not prepared to struggle to get raids going any more. It's all or nothing.

I dunno, i need to see how things pan out. I've always wanted to raid in a truly progressed guild. You know, light of dawn, etc.

The future is uncertain. All will become clear as time goes by though.


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