Thursday, 16 September 2010

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So, i finally got my character copied over to the PTR realm (EU-Brill for those interested), and i've started putting together a video demonstrating the mechanic changes. The major surprise of this video isn't the content. It's not the new (VERY AWESOME) intro i made for my Cataclysm series videos. No, it's that for the first time ever, i'm doing a voiceover for it. Yes, i finally decided it was easier to just speak than to try and fit 20 words on the screen and demonstrate what i want at the same time. Recording the audio so far was amusing, being that i kept slipping up and saying "Crudsader Strike". CRUD-SADER!

I must say, even though numbers are bugged, broken, and untuned, i'm quite impressed with the spec. Sure, it has some drawbacks, but it's also looking quite fun on initial view. I did a HoS heroic earlier. It wasn't fun. Currently, due to a developer change, the mobs in WotLK instances are doing around 4x as much damage as they should be. These normal trash mobs in HoS Heroic were hitting me for 7k. Sure, i have 57k HP with kings, but hitting for 7k at a time is damn painful. Apparently the trash before Marrowgar in ICC10, when enraged, will 1-shot tanks. Yep, trash eating through 65% mitigation from armor as well as 75-80k Health Pools. I can only imagine Festergut, oh that'd be lolarious.

Once they fix the numbers back to where they're meant to be, i'll be able to test things a little better. Until then, it's mechanics only, although that is proving interesting. Here's a quick rundown of what we lose and gain;
- We're losing between 3k and 6k armor
- Unidentifiable Organ no longer has armor on it
- We're gaining between 7-10k Health (if you're in raiding gear)
- We're losing a bit of AP, but not much
- Your block will likely have increased dramatically (i gained around 20% block chance!)

Essentially, our mitigation drops, but we gain a lot of HP, and blocks are worth something now.

I'll go into more details in the video, and demonstrate the mechanics we're getting.


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