Wednesday, 29 September 2010

PostHeaderIcon First Raid

So, had my first raid with and the first non-pug 25-person raid i've had in around 6 months. I have to say that i was MAJORLY surprised at how smooth it went. Out of 9 bosses tonight, we did 8 on heroic (Putricide was normal for someones shadowmourne quest).

In all the raids i've EVER been in, this was by far one of the best. I'm not lieing when i say i've not been in a raid this good since BT days, except now i play a role that can perform all tasks it might be asked of.

I logged on, got into the raid, felt pretty usual about it. It wasn't until i saw how smoothly everything was going AND how good the players were that i realised this is where i want to be for raiding. Never seen people utilise their abilities like these people. Mages blinking during putricide adds, lock using teleport as well, etc. And thankfully, people interrupting. People ACTUALLY interrupting. It got to the point i was thinking that it was the tanks job to do that HAH!

I was also VERY surprised at how easy it was overall. I don't want to blow my own trumpet here too much so to speak (disturbing innuendo was not intended), but i realised tonight i am an exceptional player in comparison to the people i used to raid with (with the exception being those who migrated along with me).

I've had a really good raid. Didn't see the shield from BQL (FFF...) but did get some dps gloves and healing bracers (...UUUUUUU) i likely won't use.

Blood Princes Heroic was painful to tank the caster one and i think i messed up a few times there. We still got through it though.


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