Friday, 3 September 2010

PostHeaderIcon The future of Synthaxx

So, we've been in Cataclysm beta for a fair few months now, and they finally made level 85 available. Now, i can start considering my future as a player.

As you might expect, i'm sticking with my Paladin and i'm staying Prot spec. I just like the tree changes overall. I mean, wrath was major for tankadins. The next one makes it fun. You know, almost every talent in the new tree seems really fun. I look at each one in turn, and with only a few exceptions, they're damn awesome. Guardian's Favor, Protector of the Innocent, and to some extent Reckoning and Judgements of the Just, look boring, but everything else is essentially new and fun.

I'm liking the proc systems they're bringing in. Tanks didn't have any interesting proc-based weapons in ICC like casters did. Now, we get those awesome procs in our talents.

If we're aiming for a November release, i'm honestly expecting PTR during september.


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