Monday, 20 September 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lost in Time

Haha, wow. So, tonight, i've been taking it easy, getting ready for our guild move in a few days time. I've split the guildbank funds between the active people. It's around 15k gold each, so a fair amount each.

I'm now at 65k because of it, and being there's a gold transfer cap, i was looking for something to buy. So, i hearthed to dalaran and longingly stared at the tundra mammoth. I'd considered buying it before, but i'm really not sure if it'll be replaced by a flying vendor mount in Cataclysm, which would be better. Now, timing here was crucial. It was completely unplanned, but had i left even a second later, i'd have missed this opportunity.

I then flew to storm peaks. I was gonna check out the SoH rep vendor to see what i could buy. I flew over frosthold, looking down. I then turned my camera to look up and dead ahead, literally 20 yards, there it was. Time Lost Proto-drake. Not the corpse, it was actually alive and untagged. At this point, i got a sudden adrenaline rush of sorts and raced to pull it. Luckily, it was very close to a ledge, so i bodypulled, taunted, flew to the ledge, killed looted. And now, the mount i wanted right from the start of Wrath, i got it. It's kinda a good note to finish the expansion on, you know, getting everything you originally planned to get from the start, and finishing on a completely unpredictable note. Even if i never use it, the thought that i got this completely by chance after wanting it so long ago is rather settling. I'll finally be saying goodbye to unpredictable raiding schedules soon and raiding with a top guild. More details will follow on that soon. Roll on Cataclysm!


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