Monday, 13 September 2010

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So, PTR went up. Currently, we're having a real issue with the EU char copies; They. are. not. working. Like, at all.

When they do start working, i'll be on Syn trying out prot (as expected). I'm gonna try out some single target dummy damage, then some single-mob damage. Then some single-target with full vengeance. Then some AoE tanking. Then some PvP.

I've got a load of stuff in my bags currently on live ready for when it does get copied over. I've got my DPS gear ready, as it's got the same armor, more stam, and more offensive stats. I'm gonna try with my normal tanking gear, then with a few tank-gemmed DPS pieces, then full DPS prot gear.

Really, i just don't think avoidance will be valuable until 85, so full EH-TPS is the focus for now. I'll be aiming to try out Avenger's Shield as at level 10, it was dealing (AP*2)+1 damage. What i'll be looking at on my main, with my "optimal gear setup", will be something like 55k health, with around 9.5k AP with full vengeance (that's napkin math and purely speculation). People are reporting 30k ShoR crits on the PTR, which i'm gonna say is due to tuning not being done yet. AS is supposedly hitting for around 6k on the PTR, but i previously heard of 30k crits. I'll need to test that side out as well and mess around with glyphs and gems, etc.

I'll be trying to get a video of what we're looking at once EU character copy is working. Until then, i've got to just wait it out.

I'm excited, but it's kinda dulled down being that the guild is officially dead for raiding now and we're trying to find another guild to take us all. If i can't find one for all of us, i'll simply have to go alone.


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