Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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Tonight has been a weird night. First, i've had lots of gold to sink into gems and stuff so i'm below gold cap. Then i've had 2 transfers to sort out for my Paladin and lock. My lock is staying unguilded for now though. I've renamed it too.

But, i'm over on Shadowsong now, some of the guildies who moved are as well and others will follow in the next days, and i'm now part of the guild . I'm really hoping this is the new start i've wanted for so long. Here's to the future!


JayPeeBee said...

Where did you move from? And was it a complete guild change?

I should probably read back through your blog, but I just cba. lol.

(On a separate note, been trying to find a decent wow blog from an English speaking person for a while - might have found it! :))

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