Tuesday, 28 September 2010

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I'm currently working on a brand new (ok, it's not brand new so to speak) project; A Gaming Community portal.

It's currently looking VERY good and it's progressing nicely. However, it's not quite complete and there's still a few things to finish up. The design is complete, but the workings still need some... well, work.

The template is one i made myself, and it's based on the previous Battle.net design somewhat (the purple and blue one). It's making use of flash for the maintenance "message", the header, and the footer. None of these have gone over the top, but they really add to the design. Of course, the site supports those without flash enabled but javascript is pretty required to get it functional, which i consider a fair "requirement".

The forum has been integrated, i've got a bot that creates forum topics to discuss news posted on the front page (aptly named Scrapbot).

I'm currently planning on covering World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Alien Swarm. I've got some setup to do still like i said, but it's all looking very uniform now. I'll hopefully be able to allow people to host videos and screenshots in the future.

Feel free to check it out; Innuendo Gaming Community
It's still in maintenance, but the maintenance message explains what's going on and when it'll be opened. I really can't wait to open the doors to the public although i don't know how much news coverage i'll be able to provide.

On another note, Zarhym just posted to say Season 8 ends on the 12th of October. He previously mentioned that 4.0.1 would go live on the same day they ended the season.


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