Friday, 24 September 2010

PostHeaderIcon What a week!

This post is about both WoW and Real Life.

These past few weeks have been REALLY weird for me. Let's go through it;
- 3 weeks ago; Had a job interview, looked good and did really well
- Guild officially confirmed as disbanding in the near future

- 2 Weeks ago; Ordered a new computer upgrade
- Upgrade arrived, sound was broken
- Hit 50k gold in game as my original plan
- Still hadn't heard from the interview

- 1 Week ago; Sorted out sending it back to RMA for a refund.
- 3 Days ago; got it sent back to RMA, should get refund after the weekend.
- Guild split or transferred to join on Shadowsong EU
- Gold Split between all members, brought me up to 65K
- I found TLPD in Storm Peaks and got the mount
- Still hadn't heard from the Interview

- I wake up, log onto PTR and find fire mages doing CRAZY damage and having crazy ranges
- I provide feedback, log off, rage a little
- I then get a phonecall seemingly out of the ordinary, and i find i DID get the job but they just forgot to contact me

Oh well, it's been a really bad few weeks at the start, but turned out to be the best week i've had in years right at the end! Couldn't really ask for much more.


squirrelbane said...

BIG congratulations on your new job!

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